The Fortnight in Flexibility: Industry prepared for footroom provision

Welcome to the latest issue of this week in Flex, covering the last two weeks.

Flexibility markets saw an industry-first in the w/c 4th May as generators (including Limejump customers) readied to provide footroom services to National Grid for the first time ever. Many were on standby for Optional Downward Flexibility Management (OFFM) services to provide footroom after the deadline for participation on 6th May, in time for the bank holiday weekend where National Grid predicted record low demand.

National Grid called on this service in the early hours of Sunday morning (between 0400-0700 on the 11th May) and requested up to 238MW of embedded generation to shut down. A new record for lowest National Demand was set at 15.1GW at 6.00am on the Sunday morning, but this was still higher than National Grid expected.

ODFM is a new tool in National Grid’s bag with c30 providers signed up to support this new product. The Covid-19 demand slump is bringing power management scenarios related to low demand and high % renewables penetration that we did not expect to see in the UK until we were much further forward with Net Zero plans. As such, it is making an interesting test bed for these new tools and grid management ideas.

With more low demand predicted across the late May bank holiday weekend we expect to see ODFM swing into use again, and we – along with our customers – will be ready for this.

As this week see people adjust to tweaks to the lockdown guidelines, we’ll be following the demand patterns and grid response – be sure to check out next week’s blog for our latest insights.


Flex in numbers:

 W/C 11th May

Top System Price of the week: £65/MWh

Lowest System Price: -£12.29/MWh

Limejump Instructions 99

W/C 4th May

Top System Price of the week: £65/MWh

Lowest System Price: -£13/MWh

Limejump Instructions 152




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