Limejump takes the Energy Stage at the WIRED Smarter Event in London


Limejump enjoyed wider award recognition this week as the Energy Tech leader was awarded the Energy Showcase prize at the WIRED Smarter event held at Kings Place London.

Featuring the most advanced technology combined with cutting-edge disruptive ideas, the event focused on innovation in three key areas, Energy, Money and Retail.

The event boasted Werner Vogels, CTO of Amazon, author and Chair of GE Beth Comstock; Will Shu, Co-Founder and CEO of Deliveroo; Florence Diss, Head of Partnerships at Google and many other leaders of industry as keynote speakers sharing experiences and knowledge.

Wired Smarter

Key topics of the day focussed on technological breakthroughs, investment and funding opportunities and where data will connect with real-world solutions. Disrupting the norm to create positive change was very much a feature of the day’s agenda with many speakers highlighting the challenges they had faced in their journey to success.

In the energy sector, Jan Wurzbacher of Climeworks began a line-up of speakers including Hayden Wood, founder of Bulb energy, Juliet Davenport of Good Energy and Stephen Fitzpatrick of Ovo Energy expressing their points of view on where the energy industry is headed.

The competition section featured innovation and invention from the likes of Gravitricity, Brill Power, Senergy and Topolytics with exciting ideas and groundbreaking concepts at the forefront of the presentations.

The winning presentation by Limejump’s Vice President of Sales, Joe McDonald, explained the current energy landscape in the UK, highlighted the value of the Limejump Energy Platform and its ability to reduce carbon emission in the UK as well as the size of the connective data currently processed, providing a glimpse of the next evolution of energy, the Virtual Grid.

The judges, including the Wired editor Oliver Franklin-Walis, Natalie Fredericks from Carbon Limiting Technologies and Eric Lounsbury, the Director of The Carbon Trust, based their judgement on how innovative the presentations were, the disruptive nature of the ideas displayed and the engagement the concepts could have with a wider audience.

Also considered was the real-world application of the ideas and the change they will make to the energy industry and the community in general. The impact these technologies will strive to create drove the conversation in light of the recent IPCC release, and carbon emission target outlined, and the actions required to reduce such damaging chemicals were all topics high on the agenda.

Wired Smarter

Emerging from these fast-paced, five-minute presentations, Limejump’s future worldview and the game-changing position was judged to be the best in class. This validation continues the development of the Limejump energy platform as it continues to challenge and change the energy industry in the UK and abroad.

Sharing the virtual grid concept for the first time, Limejump presented the idea of an interconnected energy network embracing multilateral deals, 30 min settlement periods utilised to manage supply and demand to deliver true 100% renewable energy to homes and businesses.

While these plans are currently in development, utilising a platform such as the Wired Smarter event brought the concept to life on a global stage. Successfully delivering this message, Wired judge this to be the most innovative and disruptive plan to revolutionise the energy market.

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