About the future of energy

Limejump is bringing a new mindset to the energy market. Through big data and innovation, we’re creating new ways to make it simple to earn revenue and maximise flexibility. Limejump created history by being the first energy company to trade an aggregated unit and the first to trade batteries in the UK Balancing Mechanism market. We manage the largest portfolio of batteries in the United Kingdom and are shaping the Virtual Power Plant of the future. Learn a little more about us.






  • We obtained our electricity supply licence
  • We began PPA trading with our first PPA customer
  • We delivered our first static FFR contract
  • Award– Smart Grid Technology of the Year – BusinessGreen Technology Awards 2015
  • Funding– we secured another £1.4M


  • The business began building with the signing of our first customers
  • Limejump’s team began expanding, hiring our first specialists bringing our team to 5
  • As a burgeoning start-up, we shared an office space with a number of other incubated businesses


  • Two Co-founders, Erik Nygard and Ning Zhang, began changing the Energy landscape
  • The first development of our Limejump concept began
  • Funding– Our first seed funding was secured


To revolutionize the energy industry by delivering sustainable solutions that maximize our customer’s value


By harnessing data and technology, we will shape the future of energy


Challenge, Innovate & Deliver Sustainability Together


We are a licensed supplier, trader and aggregator in the UK energy market, trading as Limejump Energy Ltd. We have built an entire system that can deliver the end-to-end needs of our customers putting them in control of their energy.


Limejump is a wholly owned independent subsidiary of Shell Energy.

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