The Power Purchase Agreement - PPA

Limejump unlocks the potential of your asset by providing you with a variety of commercial options including Fixed and Flexible Power Purchase Agreements.

Wind mill

Dispatch & Balancing Mechanism

Limejump is the ONLY aggregated unit Live trading in the Balancing Mechanism. Utilise half hourly wholesale prices and compete against larger, polluting power plants.


Frequency Response - FR

Be a part of energy flow fluctuations through dynamic asset management, providing energy when National Grid requires and identifying cost-saving opportunities.


Capacity Market
- CM

Participate in the Capacity Market to receive an availability payment for your energy generation or ability to reduce your demand. This market is currently on hold pending a legal challenge. We expect to see an update in Q2 2019.

Our Customers

We work with over 250 customers to create our Virtual Power Plant. We have a selection of case studies for you to view and see how we can help you.

Revenue Stream

“We’d recommend Limejump’s services to other businesses that might not otherwise be eligible for demand response schemes. It’s a simple way to earn extra revenue for your business”

Mike Coats - SnowDome

Transparency & Power Response

"We have been working closely with Limejump to develop a responsive power solution which maximises the electricity we generate. Their ‘open book’ approach is refreshing and provides clarity in a complex market. "

Thomas Minter

Demand Response

“As our company and production capacity have grown, so have our energy demands. Limejump Understands our business and enables us to generate extra revenue by shifting demand.“

NWF Group

Get to know us!

We are the energy company of the future, utilising technology and advanced analytics, machine learning as well as our in-depth trading ability to connect distributed assets together to maximise the value of our customer’s electrical assets. Please find below a selection of Blog articles, news stories and announcements we think you will enjoy.




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